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At Helpful Hands Massage we pride ourselves in assuring our clients experience deep relaxation and rejuvenation of the mind and body. Massage therapy is a way to implement self-care in your daily way of living. We make sure each client has a personable experience and leaves with new knowledge of the body and ways to relax. We bring the peace and spa to our clients. Our motto is to show the world how to live a happier and healthier life by adding massage therapy.​​ 




Marci is the co-owner and lead massage therapist of Helpful Hands Massage. She graduated from the International School of Skin, Nails and Massage, and has years of experience under her belt in the massage service industry. Marci also has experience with celebrity clients and massage events at some of your favorite schools/businesses.


Marci believes in the holistic way of healing the body and mind. She is also certified in all massage modalities and knowledgeable of ways to heal the body. Her favorite thought is "A relaxed mind creates a relaxed body". She believes in creating the vibes that match her client's needs.


Happiness is the art of relaxation.

Offering mobile massage in Atlanta and the surrounding areas, we specialize in natural healing of the mind and body. Whether you are looking for relaxation at our spa or at home, we are here to service you.


Some of our services comes with complimentary wine or champagne. Choose from a selection of aromatherapy scents with your choice of meditation sounds or soothing R&B. Unwind and let us help you ease your muscle tension or mind.



Custom massages are available, including





Add more to your service, like

CBD Oils

Hot Stones

Body Scrubs

We're here for any event, such as

Birthday Parties


Date Night



Summer and Marci are AMAZING!! I’m already looking forward to my next massage. They really helped me pull together the surprise couples massage for my significant other’s birthday. That was probably the best massage I’ve ever had. I highly recommend Helpful Hands. Thank you so much ladies!

Ashley Griffin


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